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Non-medical use of imaging

How to trick computer scanner?

Skeptics who doubt the effectiveness of computed scanner of the brain to identify perjury, got a new argument in its favor. It seems that you can really outsmart tomography.

In a related study conducted at Harvard Medical School, involved 26 volunteers. A brain scan was carried out at a time when the subjects watched the screen, where the six calendar dates alternated every half second. It was necessary to push the buttons "Yes" or "no" in cases where the number or may not coincide with the date of their own birth. In the first part of the experiment there was no correspondence, and study participants with a pure heart pressed the button "No". But the second part of one of the dates coincided with the date of birth, but the subjects were asked to lie still and still press "No".

Professor Giorgio Ganis (Giorgio Ganis), Head of the Laboratory of radiology at Harvard, found that when subjects were lying, brain scans showed increased activity in their frontal lobes (in the ventrolateral and medial parts of the region in pre-frontal cortex).

Then the experiment participants learned simple way to outwit the machine: they were slightly moving the index and middle fingers on his left arm and left leg toe whenever there are three dates that had no value for the experiment. This trick has led to the focus on the dates which the subject was not easy to outwit the MRI scanner using simple tricks need to "hide", and false information could hide. A simple trick could reduce the accuracy of lie detection system in 33%, thereby greatly complicating the examination.

How to make a more accurate lie detector? "This is the million dollar question - said Professor Ganis. - You can display information quickly or make the task so complex that people will have no additional resources for the gimmicks. But to solve the problem as such require further research on the subject. "



The founder of X-rays compared with the descendants of

The founder of X-rays compared with the descendants of

A team led by Gerrit Kemerink of Maastricht University Medical Center, the Netherlands, compared the X-ray machine in 1895 with modern and found that the amount of radiation to which man is exposed during the scanning of the old machine in 1.5 thousand times greater than during a scan today, reports BBC News. The findings are published in the journal Radiology.

The first X-ray machine was developed by the director of HJ Hoffmans and Lambertus Theodorus van Kleef, director of the hospital in Maastricht. After Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays and published a report on his findings, and van Kleef Hoffmans built a device from the parts were in school and used it to experiment, producing an image of anatomy of people. From the moment the car stopped using, it was stored in the warehouse and was ejected from there only last year for filming in the historical transmission. Scientists decided to make a comparison of the first machine with those used today. However, to not risk the health of the subjects, as the experimental facility used corpse. The image of an old car was more diffuse compared to modern vehicles.


Vegetables and fruits on MRI (19 photos)

MRI Technologist Medical School, Boston University, is dedicated to the study of fruit and vegetables by MRI. Animated GIF-pictures of him - as frequent guests on the entertainment Web resources, and quite a science. Recently, he was fascinated by all kinds of exotics such as lotus root and bamboo shoots, but the most interesting - it is just familiar watermelons, melons, etc., that can be easilybought on the market.

Vegetables and fruits on MRI (19 photos)


Vegetables and fruits on MRI (19 photos))


Vegetables and fruits on MRI (19 photos)

Vegetables and fruits on MRI (19 photos)



Love dulls pain: it is proved by MRI

Feelings of love dull pain by acting on the relevant parts of the brain, say U.S. researchers from the University of California.

Scientists conducted the study, which was attended by 17 women who were in long-term romantic relationships. All participants received the experimental electric shocks while in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). At the same time they alternately showed pictures of their partners, strangers and inanimate objects. Women need to be assessed pain on a 20-point scale. It turned out that women are the least pain experienced when receiving level, looking at a photograph of his partner.

The analysis made ​​by the tomograms showed that the activation of these discharges, pain centers in the brain is partially suppressed by increased activity of the brain region responsible for feeling of security. In addition, when women looked at the photo partner, they have decreased activity in the brain, which are formed in stress response.

Experts stressed that the observed effects were stronger, longer and closer relationships were. The findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.



With the help of MRI found: infants perceive voice and emotions even in a dream

Researchers found that the brains of infants are much more receptive to the voices and emotions than it previously thought.

Experiments have shown that even in sleep, infants distinguish human speech from other sounds, as well as the perceived emotional that they hear, according to CNews. It is expressed in various activity areas of the brain.

Children are born with is still very immature gray matter. In the first years of life it continues to take shape and becomes "complete" form only with puberty.

"Our results suggest that the temporal cortex of infants is much more mature than previously thought," - says Evelyn Merkur, who led the study. "Human speech - a very important social signal, and this is probably the reason for the early specialization of the brain for processing," - adds her colleague and co-author of an article published in Current Biology, Anna Blasi.

Study was made possible through the use of noiseless MRI scanner. The subjects were infants aged 3 to 7 months. While they slept, the researchers played the sounds of four types: emotionally neutral (coughing, sneezing), positive (laughter) and negative (crying), as well as various household sounds (the splash of water, noise) and watched as it affects the testimony of functional magnetic imaging (fMRI), reflecting the activity of certain zones of gray matter.

Found that the brain areas responsible for the processing of speech in adults and infants are activated in response to human voices. And for crying also activated areas responsible for perception of emotional stimuli. Various household as the noise does not cause particular brain activation.



Science has discovered clairvoyance

Scientists have learned

Look into the future. Canadian researchers from the University of Western Ontario have found a method to accurately predict human behavior, which he had not yet committed. Developments might be interested in the police to use them to neutralize intruders.

Amazing invention is somewhat similar to the plot of the sci-fi movie "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise, where there was a system of crime prevention. As a result, prevent and punish illegal actions of criminals turned out even before they created their bad dealings.

However, unlike movie Canadian scientists know how to guess the man's actions in just a moment before he commits them. Moreover, in order to determine what action a person plan, no need to introduce people to no chips and the like, but have to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

It should be noted that the opening was a result of experiments that were conducted throughout the year. Volunteers go through fMRI at a time when they needed to do some physical exercise. For each test subject's choice could either touch the top of some object or to the bottom, or just to touch him.

Scientists also scanned the brains of each participant to determine how planned actions. In the end, the experimenters were able to predict with very high probability, some of the actions set out to do volunteer for a few seconds after the planning of this. And all because the fMRI recorded the neuronal activity that indicates the next act of man.

Benefit study is that it will help disabled people with dentures. A special unit will be able to read minds and send a signal to the artificial arm or leg, which will make the move. However, there are more ambitious versions of the development of scientists. It is not excluded that in time there will be machines that will adopt the police. For example, law enforcement officers will be able to recognize the intentions of the perpetrator, is aimed a gun at a hostage - he will fire or not.

Explained RBC daily head of the Laboratory of Developmental Physiology, Department of Brain Research Brain Research Center of Neurology, Sc.D., Professor Vitaly Fokin, a study that had a Canadian scientists, based on the fact that a person is placed in front of the so-called paradigm choice - free volunteer in deciding what action he performed. The subjects received one way or another, and scientists record the difference in activity in specific brain regions, which preceded the action itself.

"Simply put, scientists record certain testimony, and then know that such a reaction of the brain anticipates such a deed of man. In order to predict accurately the next person's actions, the researchers had to spend long dimension to compare brain activity in one state with its activity in another. In this and all analysis is based", - said Mr. Fokin.


Just one sleepless night leads to a malfunction of the brain

Just one sleepless night can make the brain unstable, causing a sudden gap, during which attention is turned off and the possibility of visual perception, according to publication Daily Mail.

Dr. David Dindzhes and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study and found that sleep-deprived brains spontaneously switches from wakefulness to sudden periods of impaired attention.

This is a phenomenon scientists have been compared with a voltage drop in the electrical circuit. The cause of failures in the human brain, deprived of sleep are instantaneous stopping of blood flow in certain areas of the brain, recorded by professionals MRI scanner.

The experiment was carried out brain scans from 24 people. The subjects were asked to perform simple tasks requiring high visual attention, first in the day when they get adequate sleep, and then - after a sleepless night.

Watching people, Dr. Dindzhes concluded that not enough sleep and wakefulness change the periods of inattention occur very quickly. "Imagine you're sitting in a room and watch a movie with the lights on. When the brain is stable, the light stays on all the time. But in the" sleepy "brain, the lights suddenly turned off



MRI proved that sport makes women smarter and happier

Sports activities positively affect the mood of women, as well as their mental abilities in terms of information analysis and decision making. This conclusion, as reported portal Independent Newsdrawn by researchers from Manchester University.

Experts analyzed the effect of regular physical activity on intellectual and emotionalstatus of women. It was found that immediately after exercising the experiment participants did not feel very good because of rapid breathing and pulse. But some women's time improves mood and feel better.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed that after training in the brains of women active neurons that are responsible in making decisions and in the analysis of incoming information.

Intelligence test also showed that girls and women who regularly engaged in physical activity significantly outperform their peers in the mental plane.

Previously it was shown that the mood in a positive impact only training "to wear." Moderate exercise on the emotional background of a person no effect.



With the scanner spotted the spider in amber 49 million years older

New technology X-ray computed tomography, have allowed scientists to see details of the spider age 49 million years, which was stuck in a piece of amber. The results of their work, scientists in the journal Naturwissenschaften , and briefly described in a press release, University of Manchester.

Amber is a rich source of ancient remains of insects, arachnids and other medium-sized creatures. They are stuck in a sticky resin that eventually hardened, turning into a sort of sarcophagus. Most often, scientists are working with amber, found in the Baltic region - its average age is about 49 million years. In this paper, the authors studied specimens of amber from a private collection that is stored in the Berlin Museum of Natural History. Due to the fact that fragments of amber remain in contact with oxygen, its surface covered with cracks and become turbid.

Conventional methods to discern the content of these fragments was not possible, so the researchers used x-ray computed tomography, followed by computer modeling. As a result, the authors managed to recover three-dimensional image stuck in one of the fragments of amber spiders. It can be seen here.

It turned out that in ancient amber age 49 million years is a spider of the family Sparassidae , whose members today live in the tropics and in parts of southern Europe. In the past, these spiders are obviously inhabited, and the central part of Europe. Members of the family Sparassidae - a large and active spiders, so you usually do not find them stuck in amber.

Recently another group of researchers in India found a large piece of amber, which is very much insects, spiders and other arthropods. Age finds about 50 million years.




Found the first man with a heart attack

It turned out to princess who lived in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, 3.5

Scientists believe that the daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh or a rich nobleman is the first court, at least, now known science man with a heart condition. If the Princess had lived now, she would have to be mandatory to do bypass surgery. Scanning the mummy shows that it strongly hardened and narrowed arteries artery leading to the heart, brain, stomach and legs.

Doctors from the University of California, specializing in cardiovascular diseases, together with colleagues from Cairo's al-Azhar University analyzed 55 mummies that are stored in the National Museum of Ancient History in Cairo. Computed tomography has found traces of the thickening and hardening of the arteries in almost half of the scanned mummies, but it hurt my heart was a princess Amos Merer-Amon, who lived in the area of ​​Luxor in 1580 BC and died at the age of 40 years. The cause of atherosclerosis

Princess is unclear, because it was fed to a healthier and more nutritious food than they do now - fruits, vegetables and fish, which then abounded in the Nile, and certainly led an active life.

Discovery scientists is very important. It shows that it appears that not only benefits of modern civilization contain a threat to the human body. Although, of course, emphasize the researchers, this does not mean that on the basis of the opening should abandon healthy eating and active living.



Using MRI, scientists have figured out how political views are reflected in brain

Known that political preferences affect the choice of friends and even spouses. But it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Scientists from London suggest that political thinking can even affect the brain! New research suggests that brain structure reflects our political views.

People leftist and liberal views , more likely, more active brain areas involved in the regulation of blood pressure and sympathetic.

And supporters of right-wing ideas and conservatism, as a rule, more active brain areas involved in processing memory and emotional reactions.

Studies show that liberals are better able to cope with conflicting information, while the Conservatives have increased sensitivity to threats.

Psychologists have also noticed that conservatives are more prone to anxiety in the face of uncertainty, while liberals are more open to new experiences.

The research team of scientists conducted a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of 90 young adults who were surveyed about preferences in politics. The results show that political views are reflected in the structure of the regions of the human brain.

This scientists believe it is unlikely that political orientation can be directly encoded in the brain. Experts suggest that brain structure is formed during life, and is not innate.



MRI showed "broken" heart aches for real!

When a person is lonely or rejected, activated the same sections of the brain responsible for pain.

Surely everyone can remember the fact of his life when subjected to humiliation or betrayal. And each time the body pierced the pain and gave herself to every corner. By the way, some people can really get sick from the transferred experiences. If you look at the emotional pain is real, then everyone is aware that external factors of such pain is simply not available.

Not so long ago rejected the official medicine of the fact that there is the ephemeral nature of the soul and the words, as evidenced by the many scientific postulates. However, after learning the results of recent studies the number of skeptical people, who believed that the soul can not hurt, visibly diminished.

Conducted by scientists from the University of Michigan study showed that the human brain reacts the same way as physical pain and emotional on. It would seem so different types of pain as a soul or that which caused the blow to the body, can not have any in common. But as it turned out, in both cases in the human brain activated by two zones, one of which is the secondary somatosensory, and the second is the heat of the insula cortex.

The study involved 40 people of different age groups, which at the time of the experiment were able to experience due to non-existing relations with loved ones, and thus had the strongest emotional distress.

In the first phase of the study suggested that these people treat photos of loved ones, and that there was separation, for various reasons, and asked to recall the most exciting moments of relations. Special devices were fixed at these people, the same pain.

During the experiment, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain activity of subjects was kept under control.

Ethan Kross, a social psychologist, based on the results of the study concluded that in the human brain as a result of emotional pain are activated the same regions that respond to physical pain.

MRI proved that pessimists are born!

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that some people do not become pessimistic, but were born with this view of life.

It turns out that vision a man depends on the level of molecules in the bodycontent of neuropeptide Y (NPY), and the amount of the substance is laidgenetically.

Two experiments were conducted, after which the scientists have made suchfindings. The first time was conducted with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain, and during the second volunteer was injected a harmless substance that causes a 20-minute pain. Men and women were asked to rate the level of pain on a 10-point scale.

It was found that people with low levels of the neuropeptide are more prone to depression, writes The Telegraph.

Prepared by the Information Service Portal MoiGorod.Ru based on The Telegraph




With the help of MRI found evidence of innateness of homosexuality

Employees Stockholm Karolinska Institute have found structural brain characteristics that distinguish gay and lesbian members of the sexual majority. According to the authors of the study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, their findings suggest innate homosexual orientation.


For the first time during labor and delivery is made with MRI

Achievement of German physicians will study the process of giving birth in every detail, so - to help better cope with emerging complications at this point.

The miracle of birth can now be seen inside. (Here and below, illustrate the Charite Hospital.)
The miracle of birth can now be seen inside. (Here and below, illustrate the Charite Hospital.)

Extraordinary procedure, conducted at the Berlin Charite hospital, was successful. The infant and mother are healthy and feel good.

According to a gynecologist Ernst Binder, with the resulting images can be seen the process of procreation in the details - before some of its features had to determine just by touch. In particular, the extent to caesarean section, if the kid can not get out of the birth canal. (Today, every 15th of a hundred mother gives birth by caesarean section.)

Preparations for the experiment took place over two years. The researchers plan to conduct five more under the watchful eye of birth MRI benefit volonterok rife.

The method of MRI is based on the effects of electromagnetic radiation of certain frequencies of hydrogen atoms in the core, which are contained in the human body. Study the response of the nuclei can get a "layering" the image of the structure of bones and soft tissues.

Device for MRI is a cylindrical structure with a "tunnel" in the center, where, and placed the patient. Specifically for this experiment was built "open" model of the device. In addition, since MRI machine makes a loud noise, a woman in labor to wear protective headphones, and at the time of the birth of a newborn machine turned off so as not to damage his hearing.



MRI showed that women are much more difficult to suppress feelings of hunger, than the stronger sex

Unable to diet and give up the extra piece? Do not blame yourself! It's not a lack of willpower, and especially our brain. American scientists have concluded thatmuch more difficult to suppress the ladies feeling of hunger, than the stronger sex.

These researchers recruited a group of women who were asked not to eat anything for 17 hours. Then, before participating in the experiment were placedplates of their favorite dishes. However, there was banned. Moreover, the ladieswere asked to try to suppress hunger. As a result, no one has coped with the task. As shown by MRI, brain areas that are responsible for appetite,despite all the efforts of women, and remain active.

But men with the problem handled. Studies have shown that members of the sterner sex are quite capable of escape from thinking about food and the power of suggestion to suppress appetite. Perhaps this is one of the reasons due to which most of their ladies gentlemen overweight.



MRI taught to predict the future behavior of people

MRI taught to predict the future behavior of people

Looking tomogram of the brain can predict how people will behave in a particular situation, the scientists said.

Researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles found that using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can predict what actions people make in the future, reports Singularity Hub.

To do so, to analyze blood flow in areas of the prefrontal cortex and precuneus brain hemispheres.

Total experiments was attended by 20 people - 10 men and 10 women. During the study they were shown on the tomograph announcement about the usefulness of sunscreen, and then asked to predict how often they would use cream next week. In this case all the subjects were issued with a tube of cream.


Airport screening and backscatter x-ray scanners – should you be concerned?

There has been a lot of news in recent days about the new security measures in airports following the incident onboard Northwest Airlines flight 253 on Christmas Day last year. As a result, some airports have started using a new passenger screening technology, including backscatter x-ray scanners. This has led to concerns in the public about potential health effects, but is there any reason to be concerned about radiation exposure?


Scientists have learned how to read minds by using the imager

Scientists have discovered how the brain provides storage of the vocabulary of human knowledge and it allowed them to even guess the word, thought the subject within the scanner.

Specialists Karengi Mellon University (USA) conducted a series of experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). With the help of the device that records the activity of different parts of the brain, scientists were able to obtain information about the brain and the processes of memory retrieval of different words. These data shed light on the mystery of speech and language, will be useful as neyrolingvistam and doctors who are looking for ways to treat speech disorders.


Communicate through the scanner

Scientists were able to penetrate the thoughts of a man with a damaged brain andlearn to communicate with him, reports BBC News, with reference to New England Journal of Medicine. The work that was conducted by doctors from the UK and Belgium, was built on the use of the device functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which allows you to record brain activity in real time. Doctors were able to establish the existence of consciousness in three people who were believed to be in a vegetative state, that is not able to move and to communicatewith the outside world, although it did not fall into a coma.


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