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Open discussion of the draft "Public MRI scanner" in Vologda

The "Public MRI scanner" at the beginning of this year was included on the proposal of the Siberian Branch RAS in the regions of Russia sent a list of innovative projects of the Academy of Sciences.

Vologda Oblast Government first responded to the appeal of the Academy of Sciences to participate in the discussion presented by projects. The authors of several projects, including the project "Public MRI scanner", were invited to a workshop to identify the needs of the proposed project units and opportunities to participate in the production of Vologda alleged high-tech products.

Workshop was held in Vologda, on June 16-17 and held at Government House with the participation of First Deputy Governor Nicholas Kostygova.

Report on the project "Public MRI scanner" made a member of the coordinating council of the open source project "Public MRI scanner" Professor A. Pirogov, on behalf of sponsors VI Krutskikh and RZ Sagdeev.

In report , received a distinguished audience with the understanding and the liveliest interest was reflected low-field MRI undeniable merits of a permanent magnet. As shown by multiple medical studies at the MRI scanner "Unitom" (Public MRI scanner), the quality of the images on it did not yield obtained on the well-known high field (up to 3 Tesla) "superkonah" Philips, Siemens, General Electric.Thus the cost of the scan "Unitom" is 10-20 times less than the cost of foreign vehicles mentioned above. Special impression on the audience made the data on the absence of any imager cooling systems, not to mention completely inaccessible in the province of liquid refrigerant, extremely low power consumption at 500 watts, 100-200 times less than conventional CT scanners, to simple tastes qualified personnel, an unprecedented high operational reliability, as well as the possibility of remote control device itself, as well as upgrade its software and decoding of MRI scanner over the Internet from the central (Moscow, Vologda, etc.) Clinics .

Present at the seminar, the leaders of the Department of Health and existing users in Vologda single superconducting MRI Scanner expressed strong support for the project "Public MRI scanner." According to their estimates, only in the Vologda region with a population of 1 million 300 thousand people need to have up to 50 scanners (which corresponds to our estimate for the whole of Russia - 5.10 thousand units), although the priority is to equip their 9-created inter- medical diagnostic centers in remote regions of Vologda.Particularly noted the absolute cost advantage scanners such as "Unitom", associating them with the available high-quality MRI images out of competition at the regional market - their price when mass production is an order of magnitude smaller than their foreign counterparts, and will be equal to the value (5-6 million rubles.) purchased at the present time the usual apparatus of X-ray diagnosis.And this is the complete absence of the MRI radiation exposure as opposed to X-ray equipment, which in the future because of environmental concerns will inevitably be replaced by MRI devices.

At a later led by Vice Governor NV Kostygova meeting of the working of the Government of the Vologda region was declared a desire to acquire the required number of the proposed project "Public MRI scanner" devices for a broad introduction to the field of health care system. Moreover, it was the intention of the applicants' project when you are ready for mass production to consider the possibility to use high-tech enterprises of Vologda, or for the manufacture of individual components MRI scanner or even the creation of the Vologda assembly plants.

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How much should cost scanner ???!!!

Onishchenko warns: X-rays are very harmful to your health!

Onishchenko warns: X-rays are very harmful to your health!
One survey in the X-ray machine gives you a charge of radiation, what would you have, being 2.4 km from Hiroshima in 1945. Than to replace it?


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